Fire up the grill for these healthy cookout ideas


Summertime means cookout time, but just because it comes from the grill doesn’t mean it has to be unhealthy! We have ideas for keeping your summer diet healthy for your heart and your waistline—all it takes is thinking a little differently about the standard grilled menu. Go fishin’ Forgo the traditional beef griller for fish! […]

23 ways to keep fireworks from blowing up your celebration


The Fourth of July in American brings the sounds of firecrackers, screamers and fireworks. It’s a wonderful time to celebrate our country’s history. It’s also a time for caution. In 2014, approximately 10,500 firework-related injuries were treated in the United States. Nearly 7,000 of those people visited emergency rooms from June 20 to July 20, […]

10 ways to prepare for tick and mosquito season


As hot summer days turn into warm summer evenings, many people enjoy sitting outside. But, it takes just a few minutes before you hear a high-pitched buzz and feel a burning itch. You’ve been found by mosquitoes. But mosquitoes are just one summertime pest. Ticks are another. Each year the risk of getting bacterial or […]

Food safety


With the warm weather also comes the promise of picnics and outdoor potlucks.  Having fun in the sun while enjoying good food is just what we need after a long winter.  Unfortunately, these outdoor celebrations may also bring tummy aches or much more if we are not careful about how we prepare these foods. In […]

Let’s face it. Men need skin care, too.


It’s no secret. Men are more thick-skinned than women. No, really. It’s true. A man’s skin is 20 to 30 percent thicker than a woman’s skin. But, that does not make men less susceptible to skin cancer and other dermatological issues. A simple skin-care routine can help men look younger than their age and help […]

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