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Dr. Nicole Brady

family medicine physician

Dr. Brady is board-certified in family medicine and provides comprehensive, personalized primary care services to individuals and families at the Affinity Medical Home in Kaukauna.

Get to know Dr. Brady:

What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

I enjoy playing with my kids, downhill skiing, fishing, softball, camping and cooking . 

What is your favorite thing about your job? I enjoy the people I am surrounded by the most, both coworkers and patients.

If you weren’t a doctor what would your dream job be?

A chef, maybe even own my own delicatessen that focused on wholesome foods made from scratch with great coffee and drinks.

Where did you grow up/where is your family from?

My mom was born in Bermuda and moved to Door County, where my dad is originally from, when she was two. When the shipyard in Sturgeon Bay started to go under, my dad took a job at a paper mill in the Fox Valley and moved us to Black Creek when I was five. They still live there today.

What is the hottest trend in your industry?

I'm not sure it's so much a trend as a necessity, but allowing patients to access their medical records so they can be as knowledgeable about their health information as their health care team is.

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