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“Fatten the Pig” fundraiser


Affinity Health System’s mission is to live out the healing ministry of Christ by providing services that promote the health and well-being of the communities we serve, especially the poor. So when one of the diet clerks in the Food & Nutrition services department at Mercy Medical Center suggested we start a donation fund for hams to give to Father Carr’s Place 2B on Easter, our associates were ready to help.

The idea was presented at the beginning of January. We did some math and found that as long as we could get a donation of a quarter per week from January until shortly before Easter, we would have more than $150 to purchase the hams. The whole department got on board, and we decided to name the fundraiser “Fatten the Pig.”

A food service associate from the tray line brought in her pink piggy bank, which staff then “fed” donations to throughout January, February, March and the first two weeks of April to help “Fatten the Pig.” We had at least one associate contribute weekly, while another diet clerk kept track of the money we accumulated. In total, we raised $151.

With that money, we went shopping! We were able to purchase 17 hams for about $130, thanks to a great deal at Mark and Susie’s Piggly Wiggly. With the money we had left over, we purchased Easter candy for the children at Father Carr’s.

Staff members at Father Carr’s were extremely grateful for the donation. They recently took over a meals-on-wheels program and had planned to deliver more than 500 meals for the Easter holiday. With our contribution, they were confident they would have enough food for everyone on Easter. Our small fundraiser ended up helping a lot of people in need. At Mercy Medical Center, we are happy to give back to our community – not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because it also feels good.

The diet clerk that started this fundraiser wanted to remain anonymous, but asked to share a short message with everyone: “It takes a village and lots of hands to make light work.”

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