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8 Tips to Get More Exercise on the Job

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Find yourself stuck to a chair all day? Inactivity can lead to headaches, back aches and brain drain.

If your job requires long hours of sitting, try these 8 tips for adding a boost of fitness to your day:

  1. Set an alarm every hour reminding you to get up and move around. Just standing up, stretching and waving your arms will help you feel more alert.
  2. Sit on an exercise ball instead of a chair. They’re great for toning the abs and improving posture.
  3. Use the restroom on a different floor or across the building. Extra steps add up.
  4. Deliver documents in person instead of by inter-office mail.
  5. Lift dumbbells while on the phone. Water bottles or soup cans work just as well.
  6. Going out for lunch? Choose a restaurant within walking distance, or go to the mall food court and park furthest from the door.
  7. Walking clubs aren’t just for lunch hours. Why not arrive 20 minutes early and start the day with a brisk stroll?
  8. Suggest standing or walking meetings.

Be creative! Any extra movement is a bonus.

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