When you’re in Wisconsin you have access to HealtheVisits


Whether you are in Wisconsin because you live here, you have business here or you’re on vacation, you can use HealtheVists for the diagnosis and treatment of common medical conditions. If you are physically located in Wisconsin, this online diagnostic tool can save you time and money. HealtheVisits is convenient. Simply create an account, logon, […]

Make your Memorial Day healthy


The sun is finally shining and the warm weather promises to put us all in a better mood. Just in time for Memorial Day and the celebrations that typically accompany this holiday. Many families will be celebrating Memorial Day with picnics, outdoor grilling and other gatherings with food. This Memorial Day, it is possible to […]

Are you ready for camping injuries?


Your family has waited all year for your annual camping trip. You’ve  had reservations at the campground for months. You’ve packed the tent, cooking supplies, sleeping bags, clothes and bikes. You arrive early and setup the tent. The kids ride their bikes around the park as you finish stocking the campsite. Things are going well. […]

Should you have your eyes examined


You’ve noticed that you have to hold the menu further away from your face as you read. You have a headache every evening. You find it harder to drive at night. You can’t seem to see clearly no matter how hard you concentrate on focusing. You’ve been buying “cheater glasses” for reading, but they don’t […]

Recipe – Parmesan Roasted Asparagus


May through July is asparagus season in Wisconsin. This recipe is simple but delicious. The first thing to do is peel, not cut, the bottom half of each stalk. So much is wasted when the bottoms are cut! A sprinkling of Parmesan cheese will give you a little bit of that bite for your finished […]

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