Recipe: Slawtastic salad


I love cabbage and use it often in my salad. It adds crunch and color to salads not to mention fiber, vitamin C and other vitamins such as folic acid and manganese. This salad is a slight variation of the original Confetti Slaw found here. Experiment with the herbs in the dressing, or add a […]

What’s causing the pain in your gut?


Marie’s pain was severe–one of the worst she had ever felt. But as she sat in the Emergency Room 45 minutes later, the pain in her abdomen had subsided. Had she over-reacted? There are many reasons for a pain in the gut. It could be a simple stomach ache caused by something you ate. Or […]

Swollen knuckles…not handy


If you played basketball, volleyball or baseball during your youth, you are probably familiar with swollen knuckles. If the ball bounces off your fingertips rather than nestling in the palm of your hand, your knuckles absorb the brunt of the trauma, and the result is one or more swollen fingers–painful and hard to bend. A […]

Recipe: roasted carrots


When vegetables are roasted their natural flavors are enhanced. Some vegetables with slightly higher sugar contents may caramelize a bit when roasted which is the case with carrots for example or sweet potatoes. This recipe is a wonderful way to prepare carrots, colorize a meal and enjoy the sweetness of them. The other nice thing? […]

Health hazards of sitting at work


Today’s worker spends more time than ever in a seated positon. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that U.S. adults spend between eight and nine hours each day in seated and sedentary positions, mostly at work. We all know that a sedentary lifestyle contributes to obesity, but the health risks of spending too much time […]

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