Sports Hernia: A Common Cause of Groin Pain

If you’re an athlete or physically active person, you may have occasional aches and pains. When pain strikes in your lower abdomen or groin, your first thought may be that you’ve pulled a muscle. You try applying heat and ice, reduce your physical activity, and get as much rest as possible. But nothing seems to […]

Lifetime Health Tips for Women

As women age, their health needs change. Staying active and tailoring food intake to keep up with your changing body can help minimize unwanted weight gain and energy loss and possibly keep chronic diseases in check. Follow these helpful tips for women’s wellness in each stage of adulthood. Early 20s Lower your chances of getting osteoporosis […]

When Medications & Sunshine Don’t Mix

One of the most common side effects of medications is an increased risk of photosensitivity, or sensitivity to sunlight. This is caused when Ultraviolet (UV) light rays activate certain photosensitizing elements within the medication. These elements then emit energy that can damage adjacent skin tissue. People experiencing photosensitivity due to medications generally experience a burning […]

Water Safety in Wisconsin

As a Wisconsinite, summer months can mean everything to you. Long winters and cold springs drive us to water parks, lakes and rivers when warmer weather hits. Unfortunately this makes summer a high time for water accidents, injuries and fatalities. The latest research shows the number of drowning deaths is falling, but not for all […]

8 Tips to Get More Exercise on the Job

Find yourself stuck to a chair all day? Inactivity can lead to headaches, back aches and brain drain. If your job requires long hours of sitting, try these 8 tips for adding a boost of fitness to your day: Set an alarm every hour reminding you to get up and move around. Just standing up, […]

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