Winning the Veggie Wars With Kids

For every parent who’s ever pleaded with their young child to eat “just one more bite,” a nutrition expert says there are ways to get kids to eat and even enjoy vegetables. Youngsters’ tastes start being influenced while they’re still in the womb, according to Richard Rosenkranz. He’s an associate professor of food, nutrition, dietetics […]

Could You Have Sleep Apnea Without Knowing It? A True Story

“Doc, I’m glad you made me have that test. Now I feel better than ever. I just didn’t realize how tired I really was!” A truck driver had come in for his Department of Transportation (DOT) required certification exam. That was his parting comment to his provider as they exchanged a hearty handshake, and he […]

No Butts About It – Colon Cancer Screenings Save Lives

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death for men and women, which is why March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and why colonoscopy screenings are so important. Colon Cancer Facts Colorectal cancers typically develop slowly and over several years. Early colorectal cancers usually have no symptoms—making regular screenings essential. 90 percent of […]

Sleep Tips for Shift Workers

Take a nap during a break or before reporting to work Short naps (20-30 minutes) can improve alertness on the job. Work clockwise If you work rotating shifts, request that succeeding shifts start later than your last shift. This will help your body adjust. Plan ahead for changes in your shift-work schedule Adjust your sleep […]

Helping Kids Avoid Sports Injuries

Many sports injuries can be prevented by the use of management tools that consider factors, such as the environment of a particular sport and protection of the individual. Environmental factors to be considered when planning sports activities include: The temperature of the environment (a cooler environment is best, when possible) The playing surface (the more […]

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