Healthy eating within the season


Winters in Wisconsin can be brutal.  It’s cold, snow is everywhere, and somedays the wind hurts your face so much that just walking to your car seems impossible.  So spring arrives and the weather gets warmer we rejoice and hope the snow melts faster than an Olympic sprinter running the 100 meter dash.  With our […]

Concussions: more than a bump on the head


Brain injuries happen every day – children fall on playgrounds, people are involved in bicycle and car crashes, athletes collide in the course of play. Sometimes though, a nasty bump on the head can turn into something more serious. A concussion is defined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as a bump, blow or […]

Young soccer players and ingrown toenails

A strange phenomenon happens on the soccer field. Many soccer players prefer to wear tighter cleats believing it gives them a better feel for the ball and the field. But tight shoes can create an irritating problem. Often the problem results from snug soccer cleats, repetitive kicking and of course, improper toenail trimming. Ingrown toenails […]

Recipes for left over Easter eggs

easter eggs

Many families enjoy the taste of egg salad and it is no doubt that there are many ways of making it. Some folks like it chunky, others prefer it creamier. Below are some suggestions for changing up your traditional recipe and other suggestions on how to use all the leftover hard boiled eggs from your […]

The not-so-sweet truth about blood sugar


We all need blood sugar. Commonly called blood glucose, it’s the source of energy for our bodies’ cells, muscles, and other organs including our brains. We need it to survive. When we eat, our bodies digest the food to break it down into glucose. The glucose enters our bloodstream and is delivered to each of […]

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