Fresh, local, nutritional – find it at your farmers market

With the arrival of warmer days, comes a rainbow of nutritionally rich fruits and vegetables at your local farmers market. This food is often fresher and more affordable than the produce that travels 2000 miles or more to get to its destination. According to Mary Sadler, registered dietician, at Ministry Saint Michael’s Hospital in Stevens […]

Head and neck cancer

Many people have not heard the term head and neck cancer, but they do know somebody who has had cancer of the throat or voicebox.   Head and neck cancer refers to all cancers that originate in the lip, oral or nasal cavities, sinuses, larynx (voicebox) or pharynx (throat). Tobacco and alcohol use are the most […]

Good night, sleep tight

Sleep! We all need it. Adults need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each day to function at peak performance … more or less can put your health at risk. In order to rejuvenate the mind and body, we need both non-rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep and REM sleep to function at peak performance. But, for […]

Jog, Hop or Skip for Health, But Don’t Skip Breakfast

Mornings always feel rushed, is what I hear from folks, often. Even on weekends it seems there are a million things to get done. For many, one way to “save time” is to skip breakfast; however that is probably not a very wise choice. Even though there might be kids to drop off at school, […]

When exercise triggers asthma

When you go for a five-mile run or swim laps at the pool, you know how important breathing is. But if you are properly trained and are maintaining the right pace, you can keep going without stopping to catch your breath. If you have asthma, though, you know how frightening it can be when your […]

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