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Strep throat now treatable via HealtheVisits


We are excited to announce that you can now use HealtheVisits to treat strep throat! All you have to do is head over to healthevisits.org and submit an online interview request. An Affinity Medical Group or Ministry Medical Group clinician will review the request within one hour. To confirm a positive strep throat diagnosis, a clinician will order a lab test, called a ZipTicket, which will be sent to you electronically via email.

A ZipTicket allows you to bypass waiting and go directly to one of our labs for a rapid strep test to confirm the diagnosis. When you receive your ZipTicket, you can either print a hard copy of it or bring it up electronically on your phone at one of three available lab locations. When the results of the strep test are available you will receive a final diagnosis that, if necessary, will include a prescription to treat your strep throat.

ZipTickets are accepted at select urgent care locations in the Fox Valley, and we are working to increase the number of labs that will accept them. Below are the urgent care locations where you can currently use your ZipTicket:

Here are step-by-step instructions for using HealtheVisits to diagnose strep throat:

  • Go to healthevisits.org, log in or create an account, and launch the sore throat condition.
  • Answer the online interview questions. At this time you will be asked for an initial payment of $50—that’s the regular $35 HealtheVisit fee and an additional $15 if a lab test is needed. Your card will be charged the $15 only if a lab test is needed after a clinician reviews your online interview.
  • A clinician will review your online interview, and if they believe you may have strep throat they will order a lab test.
  • You will receive the clinician’s initial diagnosis and a ZipTicket to go to one of the urgent care labs listed above to get a throat culture/strep throat test.
  • The ZipTicket allows you to go directly to the lab—you will not have to wait in line or check in. Go straight to the lab and present your ZipTicket. The ticket can be printed or on a smartphone.
  • A nurse practitioner at the lab will give you the rapid strep throat test. Your results will be sent to the clinician who reviewed your online interview.
  • The clinician then sends a confirmation to you, and if you tested positive for strep throat they will write you a prescription that can be picked up at the pharmacy of your choice.

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