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Questions or concerns involving parenthood? LifeSpan is here!

Sometimes certain life stages are better embarked upon when you have support from others going through the same thing, as well as expert advice from trained professionals in the field. Did you know that we offer pregnancy and family life community outreach classes for the community?

Our OB/GYNs provide exceptional health care, and our LifeSpan classes are a great complement to their services. LifeSpan takes care of all the questions and concerns that come along with parenthood.

Our newest class, Early Pregnancy, was developed for pregnant women to give their baby the best possible start in life. Moms-to-be will learn about stages of their baby’s development, nutrition recommendations and fun ways to be active throughout their pregnancy. Common prenatal tests, hazards to avoid and tips on easing common discomforts will also be discussed.

In conjunction with our Early Pregnancy class, our Childbirth Education Classes take moms-to-be through the final stages of pregnancy, baby’s birth and after care. Attendees learn techniques to use during labor and pain management options.

Other pregnancy or child-related classes include:

  • Teen pregnancy program series
  • Breastfeeding class
  • Infant care class
  • BirthPlace tour
  • Moms’ Club
  • Kids’ Keys to Safety class
  • Safe Sitter babysitting class
  • Puberty – mother and daughter class
  • Signing with your baby class
  • Tot Saver CPR class
  • Car seat fitting stations

If you’re interested in learning more or attending any of our LifeSpan classes, check out our classes and events page on our website. There you will find further details on each event, class dates and times, locations and fees. All of them are open to the public and many of them are free!

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