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Dog and Pet Therapy Volunteer Receive Award

Jim Papenfuss and Prince

For the first time ever, a four-legged volunteer and his owner received Ascension’s quarterly High Five award.

Jim Papenfuss and his loyal Golden Doodle, Prince, also received accolades from State Senator Ron Johnson’s office and the Oshkosh City Mayor.  In addition, this dynamic duo was featured on a local TV news station (watch the video).

Jim and Prince provide pet therapy at Mercy Medical Center, Affinity Home Health, and Bethel home among many other Oshkosh area agencies.  At Mercy alone the pair has given over 400 hours of service to our patients, visitors and staff.

“Big ball of cotton candy”

Jim has been involved with pet therapy for the past 18 years. He and Prince enjoy interacting with others and cheering up those in need. Prince, also known as “Jim’s big ball of cotton candy,” loves working with everyone at the hospital, exhibiting kindness and love.

Mercy Medical Center is fortunate enough to have this dynamic duo that are always bringing smiles and joy to everyone around them.

Volunteer Spotlight Jim+ prince 6-9-15

Looking for ways to get involved in your community?

Mercy Medical Center has volunteer openings! Volunteers enjoy directing visitors, transporting patients, running errands, and many other tasks including providing patients’ socialization rehab through animal therapy.

If you are interested in joining the volunteer team at Mercy, please visit our website http://www.affinityhealth.org/volunteer to apply online or contact Mercy Medical Center Volunteer Services at (920) 223-0225.

Interested in pet therapy?

For those specifically interested in pet therapy, after applying online your dog must meet the standards set by Therapy Dog Inc., which includes being a friendly, well-behaved dog of at least one year of age. For more information on testing and qualifications, please contact therapydogsinc@qwestoffice.net.

The ABCs of healthy aging


Back in your school days you learned to use the alphabet as the building blocks for words, but do you know the building blocks of healthy aging? Your education isn’t complete until you’ve reviewed the ABCs of aging well—in both mind and body!

  • A: Fight anemia
    While not caused by aging per se, anemia is a common condition in older adults and is often the result of more than one issue, such as poor diet, medications or hormone imbalances. If you’re experiencing symptoms of anemia—fatigue, feeling cold, paleness, weakness—talk to your clinician.
  • B: Break routine
    Make small changes in your daily routine to increase brain stimulation. Something as simple as taking a different route on a daily walk or trying something new for breakfast can be enough spark to keep your mind fresh instead of foggy.
  • C: Cultivate your relationships
    Staying connected with people is an important aspect of mental health. Maintain communication with your family and friends, especially after a significant loss or life change.
  • D: Dine with others
    Plan meals with friends and family several times a week. Studies show that those who share meals with others eat less than those who eat alone, decreasing your risk of overeating, and keeping your weight in check.
  • E: Eat healthy foods
    Did you know that a high percentage of adults in the U.S. consume more than double the recommended intake of sodium? Too much sodium can lead to hypertension and cardiovascular disease, so skip the extra salt and focus on nutrient-dense food like fruits, vegetables and whole-grains.
  • F: Fight fatigue
    If you’re feeling tired during the day more often, having a glass of water and a high-antioxidant food, like prunes or blueberries, can revitalize the body and stimulate the mind. Continue Reading »

Volunteer recruitment: how you can get involved

Photo courtesy of

Are you interested in volunteering or looking for a way to get more involved in your community?

Mercy Medical Center has openings at the Information, Oakwood and Reception desks. The volunteers at Oakwood enjoy helping visitors find their way. The reception desk volunteers are kept busy with computer entry and escorting patients to various service areas.

Mercy Medical Center Patient Care Unit volunteer opportunities
Each unit has a variety of benefits and responsibilities. Each volunteer has unique skills and abilities. Let us help you find the right fit for your volunteer assignment. Unit volunteers help on Behavioral Health, Birthplace, Patient Care Units 1 & 2, and Sub Acute/Rehab.

MMC Volunteers
The Mercy Medical Center Volunteersis a not-for-profit organization of volunteers who are dedicated to fundraising to benefit hospital and community health care programs.  The Volunteers raise funds through the gift shop and other fundraiser sales such as; jewelry, book, uniform, candy, flowers, bake sales and a fall craft fair.

For more information on these opportunities, please contact Mercy Medical Center Volunteer Services at 223-0225 or apply online at affinityhealth.org/volunteer.


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