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5 reasons to attend No sweat, keep your cool: A menopause event

menopause eventOn Saturday Oct. 12, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Bridgewood Conference Center in Neenah, Affinity providers are offering an informative and fun-filled day focused on taking control of menopausal symptoms. Not sure if you should go?

Here are the top five reasons you should attend this event:

  1. Hear from Affinity providers which symptoms are normal, and which ones you should talk to your provider about
  2. Learn about traditional and alternative approaches to control your menopausal symptoms
  3. Be in a safe environment to speak freely about menopause with people who understand
  4. Learn about weight gain and how to control it
  5. Get a chair massage and enjoy a pampering session from Affinity Integrative Medicine and Agea Spa and Salon

This is a great opportunity for perimenopausal and menopausal women to talk openly about menopause and share their experiences with each other. It’s a perfect time to create a strong relationship with your health care provider and learn more about the changes going on in your body.

If you’re nervous to come alone, call up your girlfriends and register together! To register, call 1-800-362-9900 or visit affinityhealth.org/menopause. The registration fee is $25.

What exactly are those baby blues?

It’s nothing that we really like to talk about, but something that we certainly should. About 90 percent of women will have postpartum blues of some sort.

It seems to creep in a few days after birth, and you’ll find yourself crying for no reason, sleeping even worse than you’d expect with a newborn, or truly doubt that you can care for your baby. Most new moms experience this to some degree, but this is just a bit more than you might expect.

So, when should you start worrying that it might be something you need to talk to your doctor about? I get worried when those feelings don’t fade after about a week, or when the new mom doesn’t seem to be functioning well.

It can worsen to a full postpartum depression, and this is where you have really strong feelings of despair, sadness and anxiety and can’t accomplish routine daily tasks that normally wouldn’t be a big deal. I also pay attention to times when moms are overly concerned about their baby, especially when they wake up and routinely check on the baby. This is an unknown but common sign of postpartum depression. Continue Reading »

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