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The bus stops here: 5 things parents can’t forget to do before school starts

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  1. Schedule sports physicals. These are a great chance to get an overall checkup with your doctor and are required if your child plays school sports. It is important to have all of your sports pre-participation forms (green forms) completed prior to your visit so your doctor has a better idea of your health history. Chronic diseases such as asthma or ADHD often need a separate preventive health visit. Don’t forget to bring in any medication administration forms as well. You can also find more information on back to school physicals here.
  1. Set up kids’ general checkups. It is best that children have general checkups on a yearly basis and gives you the perfect opportunity to make sure their vaccinations are up to date before they head back into the classroom. Booster vaccinations are typically given between 4-5 years old and again around 10-11 years old. There is a new recommendation to get a booster meningococcal meningitis vaccine between 16-18 years old. Both males and females are eligible for the HPV vaccine after age 9. Keep in mind that it is recommended that all children receive influenza vaccines, which typically become available in the fall.
  1. Adjust your child’s sleep schedule. Now is the time to get back in the swing of a school schedule. Adjusting their schedule now will get their body used to getting up in time to eat a good breakfast and be ready for school. Don’t forget to wake up that brain by doing some school-type activities such as reading and writing. Healthychildren.org has some excellent tips for getting ready for that first day of school.
  1. Discuss any learning concerns you have with your physician. Bringing these up during the general physical will help you know if you should get your child evaluated further. The individual school districts are often very helpful with the evaluation process. Make sure that your child’s teacher is aware of any concerns that you have. The goal is to maximize the learning potential of all students. Here are some ideas to reinforce your child’s learning.
  1. Plan for extracurricular activities. It is important to try to continue an active lifestyle even with school restarting. Be sure to have all enrollment forms ready for the activities your children are interested in. For more information about getting ready for school check out these tips.

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