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What moms really want for Mother’s Day


Listen up spouses, pay attention kids. You might be surprised to learn that boxes of chocolate, expensive perfumes or beautiful jewelry are not what many moms really want for Mother’s Day.

We decided to conduct a very informal poll of moms of all ages to find out what they really wanted for Mother’s Day. You might be surprised to hear their responses. Here are the top five answers.

5. “Special” gifts. Many moms mentioned that receiving hand-made gifts from little ones is very special. A hand-made card, a piece of artwork, a home-cooked meal, anything that reflects that time and effort were put into making that gift special is always appreciated. One mom commented that a gift made from the heart “is the gesture that meant that they thought of me and took the time to make something just for me.” This mom continued to say that a gift of any kind is especially treasured when it comes from teenagers. Another mom said “to hear an ‘I love you mommy’ from my kids is always precious!”

4. Massage/spa. Many moms responded that getting a gift card for a massage, manicure, pedicure or an afternoon at the spa would be a welcome token of appreciation. These kinds of gifts allow moms to relax and take their minds off of all mundane thoughts.

3. Time off chores. A weekend off from doing chores was at the top of the list for one mom who added “and not that the chores just sit there until ‘my weekend’ is over, but that all the chores get done—preferably while I am getting a massage!”

2. Time for her. Time alone, which one mom stated was “really hard to come by,” was mentioned by many moms. Sleeping in and enjoying a relaxing day alone were also brought up several times.

The number one answer to the question “what do moms really want this Mother’s Day?” was…

1. Time with the family. This was by far the most popular response. One mom said that having a relaxing, healthy dinner and watching a movie with the family would be ideal. It did not have to be anything fancy — a rented movie at home would be just fine. Another mom wished that she could spend time with her kids who lived in far away, while another chose spending time with her kids and grandkids. A mom of several kids pointed out that spending one-on-one time with each of her children would be a much welcome gift. Throughout the responses was the implication that it should be quality time with the family, with no electronic devices to serve as distractions.

What all of these responses have in common is the element of both emotional and physical health. Time to relax is good for our emotional health. A healthy meal prepared by the family speaks to the nurturing of our physical and emotional health. So really, what a lot of moms want is a gift of health!

As for me, all of the above sound great (especially the “I love you” from my daughter and the healthy homemade meal) but deep down inside I have to confess, I just want my car detailed!

Happy Mother’s Day to All! Make it a healthy one.

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