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Workplace wellness tip: healthy lunch groups

March is National Nutrition Month, and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics encourages everyone to Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day! “Eat right your way” means eating your favorite foods, but in a healthy way. Organize a “Healthy Lunch” monthly potluck group and lighten up the lunchroom! Regular potlucks can be enough to knock even the most dedicated person off of the healthy lifestyle track. Typically they’re full of high-calorie dips, heavy casseroles, and tempting sweets. Encourage employees to lighten up their favorite foods by making healthy ingredient swaps, and then trading recipes.Fun lunchtime potluck themes can revolve around the season. Try lighter holiday menus for Thanksgiving or Christmas and “Healthy Grill” in the summer with veggies, turkey burgers on whole wheat buns, and fruit salad. Don’t forget about “Healthy Harvest” in the fall to use up the bounty from the garden!To get things started:
1. Designate an organizer to gather the list of everyone who wants to participate.
2. Break the list into four teams and assign each team three months. For example, Team 1 takes January, May, and September, so that each team brings lunch only three times per year.
3. Each team will be responsible for creating a healthy menu and bringing healthy items into the lunchroom on their assigned months.Everyone who participates gets to reap the benefits of a monthly healthy potluck (with recipes shared) while only bringing the goodies a few times a year! Start a potluck culture in your organization that is social, healthy, delicious, and FUN!

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